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Haven't you ever been frustrated by the limitations imposed by the virtuals universes? We always find a limit to go further. Facing thoses limits, the concept of our project have comme up. Wouldn't it be so fantastic to reproduce the entire planet Earth and have the possibility to travel all around without limits?

Having those possibilities is the vocation of Magrathea. It is an engine which allows to render an entire 3D universe, and without the limitation of only one planet. It permits for example to recreate the solar system, or any other imaginary universe and to explore it from a planet to another, without any transition.

The planets are build at real-scale, taking above several thousands kilometers in diameter, from (eventualy) real topographical data, with a ground precision of one meter.

Our pourpose is to render environments the more realistic way, whith atmosphere, weather conditions, vegetation, oceans, cities... But also to make those universes lifefull, populating them with animal life for example. There are no limits to what you can add to Magrathea, expect your imagination.