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The OpenSceneGraph Support/Documentation section has numerous resources to help you learn about 3D graphics and in particular using OpenSceneGraph. This page is the main index for these resources. Over time we will be adding more resources and writing more in depth and focused programming and reference guides. Help from the community is greatly appreciated.

This section is aimed to be an introduction into the basics of downloading, compiling, installing, running the examples, and writing your first OpenSceneGraph applications. Learn how to develop for those platforms requiring specific build approaches and dependencies.

Explore the articles and other resources right here to learn more about how OpenSceneGraph works!!

The vast majority of the OpenSceneGraph is entirely cross platform, however, some platforms require specific build approaches and dependencies. The details of these platform specific issues are detailed here.

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Tutorials should help newbies or other users in general to get ideas how to solve problems with a specific tasks. They differ from examples because tutorials come with a written or spoken (video tutorial) guidance through the code. Please feel free to add new tutorials if you find something that is not covered or for your own examples.

This section is setup to provide users with general information around the Introduction/OpenSceneGraph, which is not directly part of, but good to know or just fundamental knowledge.

This section aims to supply user, programming and reference guides to the OpenSceneGraph developers community.

The user guide section provides details to users on how to use various applications associated with OpenSceneGraph, such as standard viewers, and data processing and conversion tools.

On line programming guides on the concepts and usage of OpenSceneGraph.

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* Downloads - Tools
  Category or page with links to the major exporters (OSGExp for 3DSMax, Maya2OSG for Maya, Cedric's Blender plugin, etc.), modeling tools (OSGEdit, Remograph), etc. that people can use in conjunction with OSG.

VirtualPlanetBuilder is an open source tool for creating OpenSceneGraph compatible large scale paged databases from geospatial imagery and digital elevation maps.