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Information for Maintainers

This page is dedicated to providing information to distribution package maintainers, to help short cut how much work is required for you to update packages in line with new OpenSceneGraph releases, and who/how to contact us when coordinating your own package releases, build/bug fixes etc. Contact details/links to relevant web pages for the maintainers that we are aware of can be found on our PackageMaintainers page.

Project contact

  • Project lead: Robert Osfield, robert AT openscenegraph.com
  • Public user/dev mailing list : osg-users@… (requires subscription to post)
  • Public submission mailing list : osg-submissions@… (requires subscription to post)

Project build and packaging pages

The OpenSceneGraph uses CMake for cross platform build, CPack for packaging, and CDash for online reporting of nightly builds.

OpenScenegraph Maintainers

Community forums/mailing lists:

  • OpenSceneGraph forum server and software: Art Tevs
  • OpenSceneGraph forum moderators: Art Tevs, Ismail Pazarbasi, Roland Smeenk, Vincent Bourdier
  • OpenSceneGraph mailing list maintainer: Robert Osfield

Developers with commit access:

  • svn/osg/OpenSceneGraph/trunk : Robert Osfield
  • svn/osg/OpenSceneGraph/trunk/include/osgAnimation, src/osgAnimation : Cedric Pinson
  • svn/osg/OpenSceneGraph/trunk/src/osgPlugins/fbx : Michael Platings
  • svn/osg/OpenSceneGraph/branches : Robert Osfield, Paul Martz
  • svn/VirtualPlanetBuilder/trunk : Robert Osfield
  • svn/osgEphemeris/trunk : Robert Osfield

Server administration:

Areas of the project that are suitable for members of the community taking over responsibility for

OpenSceneGraph code base

  • osgSim
  • osgText
  • osgParticle
  • osgFX
  • osgManipulator
  • osgIntrospection + src/osgWrappers/introspection + genwrapper
  • osgWidget
  • plugins
  • applications
  • examples
  • Build system
  • Various OS and GL platform combinations

Server + services administration

  • cdash
  • automated testing and reporting
  • migration to new version control system

Documentation, Promotion and Events

  • website
  • doxygen comments
  • spreading the news about events and releases (both of the OpenSceneGraph and related projects/products.)
  • organizing events