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Developer Releases

Our developer releases are made more regularily than our stable releases and are simply tags of the latest source code under version control.  The developer releases do not under any dedicated testing prior to release and are meant to be snapshots of the latest development work that is going into the next stable release. The versioning for stable release is major.minor.patch where the minor release is odd number signifying that it's developer release.

OpenSceneGraph-3.5.1, released on 9th November 2015, key deliverables in this dev release are:

  • Bug and build fixes
  • Added setting of Locator Coordinate System Type in Shapefile plugin
  • Introduced CMake OSG_PROVIDE_READFILE option for toggling on/off access to the osgDB::rea*File() methods
  • Replaced all osgDB::read*File() calls with thread safe osgDB::readRef*File() equivalents

svn tag: svn co http://svn.openscenegraph.org/osg/OpenSceneGraph/tags/OpenSceneGraph-3.5.1 OpenSceneGraph


OpenSceneGraph-3.5.0, released on 25th September 2015, key deliverables in this dev release are:

  • Bug and build fixes
  • New osg::ContextData and osg::GraphicsObjectManager classes that centralise and make extensible the way that OpenGL objects are managed, making it much easier to integration custom GL rendering code and provide safe clean up of their OpenGL objects.

svn tag: svn co http://svn.openscenegraph.org/osg/OpenSceneGraph/tags/OpenSceneGraph-3.5.0 OpenSceneGraph


OpenSceneGraph-3.3.9, released on 1st July 2015, key deliverables in this dev release are:

  • Support added for glClipControl (OpenGL 4.5)
  • Bug and build fixes

source package : OpenSceneGraph-3.3.9.zip

svn tag: svn co http://svn.openscenegraph.org/osg/OpenSceneGraph/tags/OpenSceneGraph-3.3.9 OpenSceneGraph

OpenSceneGraph-3.3.8, released on 12th June 2015, key deliverables in this dev release are:

  • Lots of Bug and build fixes - getting close to feature freeze and tagging the OSG-3.4 branch now

source package : OpenSceneGraph-3.3.8.zip

svn tag: svn co http://svn.openscenegraph.org/osg/OpenSceneGraph/tags/OpenSceneGraph-3.3.8 OpenSceneGraph

OpenSceneGraph-3.3.7, released on 15th April 2015, key deliverables in this dev release are:

  • Bug and build fixes
  • New osg::Camera attachment dirty mechanism to streamline the adjustment of FBO and Textures sizes
  • Added EXIF support to JPEG plugin, with automatic rotation of images according to the EXIF orientation setting
  • osg::Texture2DArray support for passing images in via an 3D osg::Image
  • Improvements to the 3DS plugins handling of transparent/diffuse textures and opacity maps.
  • Typo fixes to various doxygen and inline comments.
  • Support of OpenGL ES 3.0
  • Refactored osgManipulator::AntiSquish to address manipulator transform problems.
  • Fixed initial window size problem under WIn32 that was causing problems with mapping mouse coordinates for picking etc.
  • New osgjs and gles plugins to enable easy conversion of the OSG loaded models to work with osgjs (A Javascript/WebGL based OSG like scene graph.)

source package : OpenSceneGraph-3.3.7.zip

svn tag: svn co http://svn.openscenegraph.org/osg/OpenSceneGraph/tags/OpenSceneGraph-3.3.7 OpenSceneGraph