/ OpenSceneGraph-3.3.3 developer release


OpenSceneGraph-3.3.3 developer release

OpenSceneGraph-3.3.3, released on 19th December 2014, key deliverables in this dev release are:

  • New osgTerrain::DisplacementMappingTechnique that uses sharing of geometry tiles and height field textures to render the terrain, reducing main memory and GPU memory usage to less than 40% of previous usage, and reduces GPU costs to around 60% of previous requirements for a terrain.
  • New LAS plugin (depends upon libLAS and Boost)
  • New GStreamer plugin for cross platform video
  • New OpenGL extension set-up architecture that reduces both the code footprint, library size and runtime memory footprint, as well as make it easier to extend.
  • Support for glVertexAttribDivisor via new osg::VertexAttribDivisor StateAttribute
  • Support for glBlendEquationi, glBendFunci, glColorMaski and glEnable/glDisablei iva new BlendEquationi, BlendFunci, ColorMaski, and Enablei/Disablei StateAttributes to better support Multiple Render Target usage.
  • New osg::ShaderStorageBufferObject class and osgssbo example.
  • New osggpucull example that demonstrates culling on the GPU.
  • Threading safety and performance improvements to the DatabasePager
  • Refactor of osg::Drawable so that it is no subclassed from osg::Node allow it to be directly placed in the scene graph without the need for a Geode parent.
  • Standardization of callbacks in Node, Drawable, StateSet and StateAttributes
  • Improved Android toolchain build
  • Improvements to QT4 and QT5 support in osgQt
  • Improvements to the new osgUI NodeKit  and Lua Scripting support
  • Bug and build fixes

source package : OpenSceneGraph-3.3.3.zip

svn tag: svn co http://svn.openscenegraph.org/osg/OpenSceneGraph/tags/OpenSceneGraph-3.3.3 OpenSceneGraph