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I/ITSEC 2003

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A few photos, taken by Don Burns and Stephen Webb of VisWerks, show a prototype auto-calibrating display which is running on OSG. The display was developed for VDC Display Systems, and was presented at their I/ITSEC 2003 booth. The display consists of a 15 projectors (1400x1050 each), for a total of 22 million pixels. Rendering takes place on 15 Linux PCs, each with a GeForce FX 5950 Ultra graphics card. Each machine in the cluster runs a copy of OSG, which has been augmented to perform geometric correction (the display is curved), and intensity (overlap) blending. Rendering synchronization is achieved over the 100 Mbit ethernet network.

Though the primary technology that we were demonstrating was the ability to automatically calibrate the projectors, it was critical that we be able to demonstrate the results. In particular we had to show that the calibration was accurate and the geometric correction could be applied in realtime rendering. OSG shined in this department, and left quite an impression on some of the visitors.

The database is in Terrapage format and is of the "China Lake" dataset and was provided by NAVAIR. Our section was 1.2 GB, and covered a 2x2 geocell area. The 150 degree FOV spherical screen was custom made by Stewart Filmscreen. The projectors are JVC DLA-SX21, and were provided at no charge.