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The "Pirates of the XXI century" is the main project of !DIOsoft company (Kyiv, Ukraine). The main gameplay lies in the middle between the Far Cry-like and GTA-like games.

Starting development, we decided to diverge as much as possible from the worn game settings and bore stock phrases, which flooded the FPS genre. No evil Monsters and Mutants, World Wars and Super-heroes, never-ending and monotonous corridors, and other similar Super-secrete military laboratories.

The "Pirates of the XXI century" events take place nowadays, at one of the tropical archipelagos of the Indian Ocean. With regard to the practically most beautiful and realistic water surface in the game industry, it would be very unwise to leave it outside the gameplay.

Three playable sides fully expose the story - player chooses to play either as expressly positive American navy seals, or malicious, but freedom-loving modern pirates or crafty fighters of Hong-Kong Triads. Clear-cut, practically cinematic storyline is combined with opportunity to turn about and just have lots of time enjoying yourself. Fortunately, amenities of the settings (sun, beaches, palms, ocean, pretty girls and luxurious yachts) dispose to it in full.

One of game key features lies in opportunity to assault and defend huge ocean vessels. Operations will take place not only on their decks, but on and even under water. Players will use trained battle dolphins, dive to the sunken ships, where they can meet not only aggressive underwater inhabitants, but even the most dangerous two-legged treasure hunters. Of course "Pirates of the XXI century" will provide player with numerous kinds of transport - to drive, to fly, to sail and even to dive. The armory in the game includes lots of non-standard defensive and offensive weapons, some of it will be really unique for the computer and video-games (for example, underwater pistols and assault rifles), but all these weapons are created after really existing prototypes.

Contact person - leading programmer Pavlo Moloshtan <pasha at diosoft.com>.