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ObjexxSISAME is a structural modeling tool developed by Objexx Engineering that is focused on large-deformation and impact events. Originally developed for vehicle (car and truck) crash modeling it now supports a wide range of structures such as bridges and buildings and non-impact events such as earthquakes. A unique aspect of ObjexxSISAME is that it performs both forward (simulation) modeling and inverse modeling, where the optimal structure to achieve a specified behavior is found. The inverse modeling formulation avoids inefficient global search methods by using a direct constrained quadratic solver core.

ObjexxSISAME uses OpenSceneGraph for real-time visualization, both during model construction and simulation. During inverse (design) modeling runs a semi-transparent view of the target motion is displayed along with the optimal design motion. The OSG view is integrated into a Qt GUI and can also be displayed in a stand-alone window in a non-GUI run mode. OpenSceneGraph was chosen for the visual quality and performance it provides and for the thriving and helpful OSG community.

ObjexxSISAME runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Objexx builds OSG on Windows with the latest Visual C++ and Intel C++ and Qt releases and makes these binaries available to the OpenSceneGraph community at http://objexx.com/OpenSceneGraph.html.

For more information visit http://objexx.com/ObjexxSISAME.html.

ObjexxSISAME Building Impact Model


ObjexxSISAME Bridge Impact Model 


ObjexxSISAME Car Crash Model