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gvSIG 3D is a extension for visualization and management of three-dimensional views in the GPL software gvSIG. It allows the creation of 3D Views, XYZ-projected as well as spherical (planetary). Local and remote data sources can be loaded as layers on it, and be displayed using most of the options available in 2D-gvSIG like transparency, labeling, legends, etc.


  • 3D object layer type.
  • 3D Point Clouds.
  • 3D navigation tools.
  • Force north orientation.
  • Zoom to layer or zoom All.
  • Interactive layer transparency control.
  • 3D Advanced Symbology including 3D objects as a symbol.
  • Support for Extrusion legend.
  • Advanced visualization tools (Stereoscopy and FullScreen Option).
  • 3D model edition.
  • cityGML models.
  • Selection and Info by point support.