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How to patch an existing database

Versions of VPB since around June 2009 support patching of existing .ive database using the --patch option. This options has not been commented right now but we infer it from the source code. We've tested the procedure on different cases and it seems to work fine.


The idea behind this example is to take an existing database and add raster/elevation data to update it with patches of higher resolution.


  • Let old_db.ive = the root of the old database, i.e. the path where the top-level .ive file is located.
  • Let new_db_raster.tif = a new raster data to be added to the old database.
  • Let new_db_dem.tif = a new elevation data to be added to the old database.


Use the following command line :

 --patch old_db.ive^
 --levels 12 16 -t new_db_raster.tif^
 --levels 12 16 -d new_db_dem.tif

If you don't specify the levels where the patch should appear, then it will always be visible on top of the underlying database. Other options will be kept from the old database construction by VPB.


For some reason the original source files used to produce the old database should be kept along with it while patching, otherwise VPB will claim about missing files. However, if you provide VPB with relative file names at construction it seems that you can move the original files and the database together.

We also recommand to create a root directory containing the database. Indeed, VPB will create revision files (.source, .revision, .added) along with the root ive files. These files must be kept in order to patch the database afterwards.

 -t world_A1.tif^
 -t world_A2.tif^
 -t world_A3.tif^
 -t world_A4.tif^
 -d gtopo90.tif^
 -l 16^
 -O "compressImageData JPEG_QUALITY 75"^
 -o World450m/world450m.ive

Here you will be able to move the tif files and the World450m root directory together to another location for patching.