/ Compiling with Cygwin



Compiling with Cygwin


Follows are details on usage of OpenSceneGraph such as how to get things compiling using Cygwin.

The following assumes that the OpenSceneGraph and its dependencies downloaded, either from github or tarballs, and installed under a common parent directory. I will call this "/development".

Load the proper version of the GCC Compiler

The current default gcc compiler version distributed with Cygwin is 3.4.1. Unfortunately, this version has problems dealing with the complexity of the OpenSceneGraph. The libraries will compile, but they will not r

un. To build OSG you need to manually direct the cygwin installer to load version 3.3.3 of the gcc compiler family.

Compiling OpenSceneGraph:

$ cd /development/OpenSceneGraph
$ cmake .
$ make
$ make install