/ Siggraph 2012 Bird Of A Feather Session


Siggraph 2012 Bird Of A Feather Session

Siggraph 2012 Bird of Feather Session, Los Angeles Convention Center on 8 August 2012 at 10 to 11 AM. Room 506


1)    Introduction [1 minute]

2)    Art Tevs call for OSG moderators and admins [1 minute]

3)    State of OSG [Robert Osfield presentation] {presented by the organizer} [15 minutes]

4)    Geovisualization in WebGL [15 minutes]  Presenter: Luis Kabongo [for Tassilo Glander et al., Vicomtech Foundation, San Sebastian, Spain]

5)    Simulation of the plate tectonics evolution over the sphere during the geologic eras [15 minutes]  Presenter: Alejandro Aguilar Sierra

6)    Presenter: Eric Sokolowsky [5-10 minutes] 

7)    Panel and Demo reels