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This section provides links to community projects, nodekits and utilities to use with openscenegraph.


  • osgBullet: A toolkit for apps that use OSG and Bullet physics.
  • osgCairo: OSG integration with the Cairo API.
  • osgEarth: An Earth viewer featuring on-demand data paging.
  • osgEphemeris: A sky dome and ephemeris model for OSG.
  • osgOcean: A toolkit for rendering water.
  • osgPPU: A post-processing effects pipeline.
  • osgToy and osgVRPN: Utilities for OSG, including VRPN integration.
  • osgWorks: An OSG toolkit containing multiple utilities.
  • osgTransparencyToolkit: A toolkit that implements multiple transparency methods with a simple API.
  • osgAndroid: A toolkit for developing OSG applications in Android.
  • osgRecipes: Integrate OSG with almost everything.
  • osgQtQuick: Intergation OSG with Qt Quick.