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Create Doxygen documentation

The OpenSceneGraph ReferenceGuides are built using Doxygen, the version available on this website is for the latest public release. To build the docuementation for the CVS version, or to just build local docs you'll need Doxygen + GraphViz's dot applications.

Doxygen can be download from:


GrpahViz's dot can be download from:


To build the Doxygen docs you'll need to set the environmental variable OSGHOME to the root of the OpenSceneGraph and then run doxygen with one of the Doxygen files supplied with the OpenSceneGraph distribution:

cd /home/myaccount/[=OpenSceneGraph
export OSGHOME=`pwd`
doxygen doc/Doxyfiles/core_Doxyfile

Then wait for Doxygen to build the documentation. Once built it will be placed in doc/OpenSceneGraphReferenceDocs from here you can browse the documentation.