/ Spelling and grammar rules


Submission protocol

Use this page to record corrections to common spelling and grammatical mistakes. This will make sure our changes are consistent.

  • Doxygen-edible, multi-line comment style:
 /** A slash, followed by two asterisks and a space, followed
   * by a capital letter as the start of a sentence. Subsequent
   * lines start with two spaces, an asterisk, a space, then
   * text. The final line is an asterisk and a slash.
  • Doxygen-edible Single-line comment style: A slash, two asterisks, a space, a complete sentence with capitalization ending with a period, a space, an asterisk, and a slash.
/** This is a single-line Doxygen comment. */

The C++ form is acceptable for non-Doxygen comments:

// A C++ comment.
  • Plural versus possessive: parameters -- plural, more than one parameter. parameter's -- possessive form of a single parameter. parameters' -- possessive form of multiple parameters.
  • "its" versus "it's" its -- Possessive. it's -- contraction form of "it is".
  • Separate not seperate.
  • Equivalent not equivalant.
  • OpenGL not OpenGl
  • Color not colour
  • Mipmap not mip map
  • "OpenSceneGraph" not "The OpenSceneGraph"
  • Try to fit in 80 Columns ?
  • Tabs are 4 spaces
  • Remove extraneous whitespace at end of lines, wherever noticed
  • Condense multiple spaces between sentences: good starting place.  The OSG's to
    good starting place. The OSG's
  • Common fragments that could be batch replaced
/** Accept an ConstAttributeFunctor


/** Accept a ConstAttributeFunctor

* Capitalize first letter and insert an extra space preceeding the */ at the end of these common blocks (can be automated):

/** copy constructor using CopyOp to manage deep vs shallow copy.*/
/** return -1 if *this < *rhs, 0 if *this==*rhs, 1 if *this>*rhs.*/