OpenSceneGraph technology is used to power the realtime graphics of all VR sytems. The OSG scene graph was enhanced with proprietary IP nodekit

* To enable cluster rendering and sychnonization

* Stereo Projection with Head/Hand tracking on multisurface VR Systems

* 7-1 Surround Sound support

* Support for a multitude of tracking devices in an easy to use way and specific dome input devices

* XSI export plugins

* A proprietary scripting language for Rapid Prototyping VR environments

* Robust Parallel Split Shadow Maps for large Environments.

* GPU skinning

* Easy to use high level shader framework based on GLSL.


Below are screenshots fo our most recent productions, which are available on all VR sytems. Images are courtesy of the Foundation of the Hellenic World ©.
















More information

The Foundations mission is the preservation and dissemination of Hellenic history and tradition, the creation of an awareness of the universal dimension of Hellenism and the promotion of its contribution to cultural evolution. Its aim is the understanding of the past as a point of reference for the formation of the present and future so that contemporary thought may once again be inspired by the Hellenic spirit. In order to achieve this mission, the Foundation is actively involved with the dissemination of Hellenic culture and history, placing particular emphasis to Hellenism all over the world. To achieve this mission the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center was created.

The Hellenic Cosmos cultural centre of the Foundation of the Hellenic World (FHW), at 254 Pireos street, is one of the most perfect museum areas of Athens. It lies on a former industrial ribbon development in an area of approximately 60,000m2, on an axis between Athens and Piraeus, where memory of Athens past meets the city’s modern identity. It is an ultra modern, living museum of Hellenism, across the sciences, arts and every aspect of society: it aims to be a source of information that satisfies the needs of contemporary ‘society of knowledge”.

The innovative technology of Virtual Reality is used by the Foundation of the Hellenic World for the promotion of Hellenic history and culture. In the systems that are installed at Hellenic Cosmos visitors of all ages, with special stereoscopic glasses travel through time, to monuments and sites of our cultural heritage, and have the experience of being immersed in the Virtual world.
The VR system that are currenlty open to the public are:

1) The “Tholos”, a 132 seat DOME Stereo projection system with optical tracking, where each seat is equiped with buttons and joystick controller for user interaction.

2) The “Kivotos”, a CAVE Stereo system with Head and Hand tracking.

3) The “Virtual Cinema”, a portable passive stereo front projection projection system.