[osg-users] Texture projection on terrain and gl_TextureMatrix[0...7]

Ekaterina Fokina ekaterina.fokina at tum.de
Wed Dec 21 06:57:32 PST 2016


I am trying to understand how to project a texture on a specific part of the terrain. There are many examples how to project a texture on a whole object, but not to a part of the oblect. That means the question is how to specify texture coordinates (using the shader) on order to project a texture on a right place? 

I have found an examle in internet:

But unfortunatelly, It is not working properly and I can see my projection on the terrain, but the rest of it is black.

One more question, does anybody can explain to me what is the difference between the numbers in gl_TextureMatrix[0...7]?

Thank you!


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