[osg-users] Shader storage buffer object

Julien Valentin julienvalentin51 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 17:03:46 PST 2016

After few reading
it comes to me that setting binding point in the glsl layout doesn't make mandatory to connect the Program....
But with my impl problem I'm good to debug my own stuff ...


mp3butcher wrote:
> Errh, ..don't understand...
> I've just required a ssbo (for the purpose of summing stuff among threads).
> But when I look at the code SSBOBufferBinding and SSBO, there are nearly nothing :( to connect with the program.
> I don't know how the example make use of SSBO but my brain doesn't make any sense out of it.
> I'm not familiar yet with ssbo but I believe that:
> -The underlying bindbufferbase is not adapted to ssbo scenario, so ssbobufferbinding is not a proper impelemntation
> -ssbo buffer binding is related to osg::Program like uniform block index and so should be managed here
> What do you think of it?

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