[osg-users] Why not show textures when rendering geometry with PrimitiveSet::TRIANGLES using Shader330 version?

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Fri Dec 4 19:50:05 PST 2020

My working environment is closed and I cannot provide complete code.

Does the geometry of triangles primitives rendered in Shader 330 version 
lack any properties?

在2020年12月5日星期六 UTC+8 上午7:37:28<OpenSceneGraph Users> 写道:

> I doubt anyone will be able to help given the information.  You are diving 
> into providing snippet of code and a screenshot with almost no context.
> It's far better to take a step back and explain what you are doing with 
> your application from a high level to give the context, then explain what 
> you are trying to do and what looks to be going wrong.  Describe what 
> you've looked so far.  Providing some background on your level of 
> experience with the OSG/osgEarth/OpenGL etc. would be useful for.  
> Once others know a bit more about the issue and what type of support you 
> might need we'll be to start providing directions.  However, if the issues 
> you are seeing are presented in a way that is next to impossible to know 
> how to answer you shouldn;t expect answers as we don't have magical powers.

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