[osg-users] The naming of VulkanSceneGraph

Jorge Izquierdo Ciges jorizci at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 01:30:12 PDT 2018

Hi all, my 2 cents for the name.

It is a little bit sad to lose the Open part of the name, why not go for
Open Vulkan Scene Graph or Open Scene Graph: Vulkan

(The second works better as a serialized book title :P )

They are a little more clear that we are not stepping on the Kronos IP name


El lun., 25 jun. 2018 a las 9:03, Robert Osfield (<robert.osfield at gmail.com>)

> On Sat, 23 Jun 2018 at 22:31, Terry Welsh <mogumbo at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Is it worth asking if this project will be a scene graph or a
> > rendering engine?
> It'll be a rendering+compute API based Vulkan that represent the Scene
> as a Graph.  VulkanSceneGraph tells people exactly what it is,
> anything else moves away from this ability literal ground truth.
> As I have a degree in Engineering and Computer Science to me an engine
> has cylinders, or turbines that converts chemical energy into
> mechanical work.  Use of "Engine" in gaming circles has always struck
> me as silly, co-opting words from other disciplines is really just
> marketing fluff.
> I like the honesty of a literal name. My technical challenge is make
> it compelling enough to deserve the moniker of *the* Vulkan Scene
> Graph.
> So I'm confident the name is best one for what the project is intended
> to be.  The only question has to be is whether members within Khronos
> feel that it is a threat to their trademark or reputation enough to
> step forward and ask to change.  I can't do anything about how they
> some lawyers might feel about reach of trademarks, but the better I
> can make the new scene graph the more likely it is to be seen as an
> asset to Khronos rather than a threat or hindrance.
> I have provided OpenGL unwavering support for 20 years, the
> OpenSceneGraph is part of the bedrock of the vis-sim industry and
> OpenGL is part of this bedrock purely because I've kept the
> OpenScenGraph focused on OpenGL.  I would hope that Khronos value this
> contribution to the OpenGL ecosystem.  It would be a bit of kick in
> the teeth for them to turn around and start being awkward now when we
> are embarking on another 20 years of unwavering and unabashed support
> for Vulkan.
> Robert.
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