[osg-users] C++11 for next stable release of OpenSceneGraph?

Sebastian Messerschmidt sebastian.messerschmidt at gmx.de
Tue Jun 12 00:24:36 PDT 2018

Hi Daniel, > Hi Sebastian,
>> I'd rather target C++14/17 though since almost all modern compilers
>> are good at keeping up with the new features (even Microsoft is doing
>> a good job here).
> you just have to consider that switching compilers isn't that easy for
> everyone, because they've constraints that aren't completely under their
> control.

But VSG is a fresh start and there are no existing projects that use it 
a this point. So "switching" compilers is not an issue, right? I mean if 
someone is planning on using it, using a modern compiler is simply a 
prerequisite. Since the project just started I think it won't be used in 
production before 2019. Until then most environments should be up2date 
with C++14 conforming compilers.

> So going for C++11 should be fine at this point in time, but I wouldn't
> go beyond.

Most C++11 compilers I've encountered support a subset of C++14 anyways, 
which is why I also pointed out, that defining a set of features might 
be possible too.


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