[osg-users] OpenGL function does not return on Titan Xp

Lionel Lagarde lionel.lagarde at oktal-se.fr
Mon Jun 11 06:01:59 PDT 2018


We have a set of products based on OSG that run well on common hardware.

Recently a customer bought a NVidia Titan Xp. Our software do not work 
on this graphics card.
The software do not crash, it stop responding to any event.

The software is always stuck in the middle of a glGenTexture call 

We use OSG 3.0.1 but I tested with OSG 3.6.1 and the 2 have the same issue

Other graphics tools, like COIN based software or the demos that come 
with GPU Caps Viewer work fine.

The behavior is reproducible using the command "osgviewer cow.osg", and 
display the rendering stats using "s".
The stats use text, that use textures for the glyph of the characters. 
The GL function used to reserve the texture
ID  (which I think is a pure CPU/driver job) never returns.

I wonder if somebody that have a Titan Xp (I know it is a very rare and 
useless card, a 1080 Ti does the job pretty well) have a similar issue

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