[osg-users] OpenGL function does not return on Titan Xp

Voerman, L. l.voerman at rug.nl
Mon Jun 11 06:25:08 PDT 2018

Hi Lionel,
as this seems to be a driver issue, the operating system and driver version
info would be useful to compare.
Regards, Laurens.

On Mon, Jun 11, 2018 at 3:01 PM, Lionel Lagarde <lionel.lagarde at oktal-se.fr>

> Hi,
> We have a set of products based on OSG that run well on common hardware.
> Recently a customer bought a NVidia Titan Xp. Our software do not work on
> this graphics card.
> The software do not crash, it stop responding to any event.
> The software is always stuck in the middle of a glGenTexture call
> (osg::Texture2D::apply).
> We use OSG 3.0.1 but I tested with OSG 3.6.1 and the 2 have the same issue
> Other graphics tools, like COIN based software or the demos that come with
> GPU Caps Viewer work fine.
> The behavior is reproducible using the command "osgviewer cow.osg", and
> display the rendering stats using "s".
> The stats use text, that use textures for the glyph of the characters. The
> GL function used to reserve the texture
> ID  (which I think is a pure CPU/driver job) never returns.
> I wonder if somebody that have a Titan Xp (I know it is a very rare and
> useless card, a 1080 Ti does the job pretty well) have a similar issue
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