[osg-users] [osgOcean] osgOcean - Render to Texture Camera

Rob Ewbank robewbank at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 04:27:27 PDT 2018


I'm building an interactive projection mapping using osgOcean to simulate the sea, for this I need to render to texture. The RTT camera I'm using works fine on other scenes, however, when using osgOcean, it does not render properly: see attached images. 

I've tried setting the render order to pre, nested and post, none of these work. When using a slave camera rather than main I get the results in images, without that it's even worse. 

Changing glare on the scene seems to have a big impact on the result and I've tried turning on / off all other features, such as reflection, refraction, etc. with no luck.

What steps should I take in order to successfully render this scene to texture?

Thank you!


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