[osg-users] Lagging while 3D maneuvering

L. Voerman l.voerman at rug.nl
Fri Jul 6 01:33:58 PDT 2018

Hi Knut,
after basic checks (os - driver version - driver settings) I guess I would
try to make "identical" screenshots on the problematic machine and a normal
and get photoshop to subtract the results.
This could point out differences in:
stereo - quadro cards can do stereo and might only show one eye.
anti aliasing - quadro's can do more (lines for example) - this might cause
a performance hit
anisotropic filtering - different defaults?

Further options:
driver setting for "Threaded optimization" - not sure what the "best"
setting is - but I think it changed performance for me once.


On Thu, Jul 5, 2018 at 1:33 PM Knut Hunstad <knut_hunstad at trimble.com>

> Hi!
> My company makes a program that uses OSG for 3D windows of terrain models.
> I am not the OSG programmer. But a user sitting next to me has trouble with
> a totally new PC with good specifications and an NVIDIA Quadro P4000
> graphics card. The 3D maneuvering is lagging to the extent of being
> difficult to use, while other PCs with much less specs have totally smooth
> maneuvering in the same model.
> Any tips on how to go about finding out what the cause could be are
> welcome!
> Thank you!
> Cheers,
> Knut
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