[osg-users] Hardware skinning computeBound() calculation

Julien Valentin julienvalentin51 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 06:09:43 PST 2018

Hi Steve,

I hope it's the last time i explain that:

-Do you know how hardware skinning work?
If it's the case you know that transformation are managed through vertex shader, so you can't expect osg to keep track of correctly transformed bounds

-Have you look at RigGeometry constuctor?
in osganimation default policy is to exand by 2 untransformed bounds, but it can be userdefined with setInitialBound

If your bug persists, give us the model to reproduce.


DrPowers wrote:
> I've recently run in to what I believe is a bug.
> I'm currently using hardware skinning to animate a character and I'm having some issues with the bounding box calculation of the character. 
> It seems that applying a scale transform in a parent MatrixTransform is giving me the wrong bounding box size. 
> For example...
> compute bound on the drawables gives me the correct bounding box dimensions, in this case ~14.0.
> As computeBound() returns back through the node path during it's calculation the scale gets applied to it and the final radius of the bounding sphere is ~.14.
> I am not sure why this is occurring as this functionality seems to work correctly on objects that are not skinned on the hardware.
> -Steve

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