[osg-users] Hardware skinning computeBound() calculation

Steven Powers StevenAPowers at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 08:18:21 PST 2018

I've recently run in to what I believe is a bug.

I'm currently using hardware skinning to animate a character and I'm having some issues with the bounding box calculation of the character. 

It seems that applying a scale transform in a parent MatrixTransform is giving me the wrong bounding box size. 

For example...

compute bound on the drawables gives me the correct bounding box dimensions, in this case ~14.0.
As computeBound() returns back through the node path during it's calculation the scale gets applied to it and the final radius of the bounding sphere is ~.14.

I am not sure why this is occurring as this functionality seems to work correctly on objects that are not skinned on the hardware.


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