[osg-users] Hardware skinning computeBound() calculation

Steven Powers StevenAPowers at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 09:38:34 PST 2018

I understand this completely and realize that compute bound will return something incorrect since the vertices are manipulated on the vertex shader.

I might have misrepresented my issue. 

Even if I set the initial bound to be something I believe is correct... lets say radius=20. The problem is that there are scale transforms in the parental scene graph somewhere that then shrink this radius down to radius=2.

Currently I traverse the node path and apply the inverse of the scale to the initial bound so that initially it is radius=200 and will then pass return it's way back up to result in radius=20.

My question is... is this the correct way of doing this? Is there a better way to compute the bound of the hardware skinned bounding box or am I doing this correctly??

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