[osg-users] How make my app to load plugins

Marco Beninca marco.beninca at dwssystems.com
Thu Dec 6 06:34:36 PST 2018


I'm developing an application on OSX 10.14 with OSG 3.6.3. I have successfully compiled and built OSG and all the plugins. My applicaton uses the plugin osgdb_freetype to obtain geometry for text using osg::Text3D for a the font choosen by the user.

When I run my application in DEBUG everything works fine but when I create my app bundle the application is not able to load the osgdb_freetype plugin. Actually I copy the plugin (osgdb_freetype.so) under the PlugIns folder inside my app bundle but, and the osg libreries are inside the Framworks folder but this doesn't work.

Could, please, anyone explain me how to make the plugins to be loaded correctly in MacOS?

The windows version of the application works perfectly but I'm pretty new on Mac development so maybe I'm missing something.

Thank you!


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