[osg-users] Slow down with shared nodes

Andre Normann andre.normann at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 00:21:56 PST 2017


I am currently migrating from OpenSceneGraph 3.2.3 to 3.4.0. In my
application I get a significant slow down, when I share nodes. Here is a
quick example layout of my scenegraph:

  + ---> MatrixTransform1 --> Node1
  + ---> MatrixTransform2 --> Node1
  + ---> MatrixTransform3 --> Node1

I have a root node with several MatrixTransforms. The nodes below the
MatrixTransforms are shared. In 3.2.3 everything works well and I have a
framerate of 60 Hz. In 3.4.0 the framerate drops with each new added
MatrixTransform. But when I do not share the nodes and instead create
clones with a DEEP_COPY_ALL flag, everything is well in 3.4.0.

So what could cause the slow down in 3.4.0 with node sharing?

I am using OpenSceneGraph 3.2.3/3.4.0 with a release build on Window 7.

Best regards,
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