[osg-users] Covert and use 3ds Max scene to OpenSceneGraph file using OSG Exporter

Adarsh Bhaskar adarsh at remo.jp
Mon Mar 6 01:19:35 PST 2017


I need serious help from OSG enthusiasts. In my project I have a 3D scene which is exported from 3ds Max using OSG Exporter. In my scene there are multiple camera (say 5) this camera will corresponds individual views and all this done by concept of CompositeViewer. 

Issue is that I was unable to recover Camera information from .osg file. Camera are represented using PositionAttributeTransform and I have no idea how to use this for placing osg::Camera. Main camera will be using camera manipulators and others don't (In the case this require additional works please provide that also). So I need to figure out how to position camera as like in 3ds Max view. 

Camera position are relative to couple of 3D models (for example I have a human model in scene , a camera will be placed on his head). Exported osg file is showing hierarchy according to requirement.

Please anyone help. I have only 7 days experience with OSG any help will be appreciated. 

Thank you!


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