[osg-users] Crash on Windows 10 with a Display Link adapter

Fabien CLaudot fabcl at neuf.fr
Thu Apr 27 02:03:56 PDT 2017


We have a crash in OSG in the following setup :
-	Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10.
-	Application is displayed on a deported screen using a Display link adapter (Main screen is off).

Crash happens in the module osg130_osg

# Call Site
00 osg130_osg!osg::GLBufferObject::GLBufferObject
01 osg130_osg!osg::GLBufferObjectSet::takeOrGenerate
02 osg130_osg!osg::GLBufferObjectManager::generateGLBufferObject
03 osg130_osg!osg::GLBufferObject::createGLBufferObject
04 osg130_osg!osg::BufferObject::getOrCreateGLBufferObject
05 osg130_osg!osg::DrawElementsUShort::draw
06 osgdb_osgearth_engine_mp
07 osgdb_osgearth_engine_mp
08 osg130_osgutil!osgUtil::RenderLeaf::render
09 osg130_osgutil!osgUtil::RenderBin::drawImplementation
0a osg130_osgutil!osgUtil::RenderBin::draw
0b osg130_osgutil!osgUtil::RenderBin::drawImplementation
0c osg130_osgutil!osgUtil::RenderStage::drawImplementation
0d osg130_osgutil!osgUtil::RenderBin::draw
0e osg130_osgutil!osgUtil::RenderStage::drawInner
0f osg130_osgutil!osgUtil::RenderStage::draw
10 osg130_osgutil!osgUtil::SceneView::draw
11 osg130_osgviewer!osgViewer::Renderer::draw
12 osg130_osg!osg::GraphicsContext::runOperations
13 osg130_osg!osg::OperationThread::run
14 osg130_osg!osg::GraphicsThread::run
15 ot20_openthreads!OpenThreads::SetProcessorAffinityOfCurrentThread
16 ucrtbase!invoke_thread_procedure
17 ucrtbase!thread_start<unsigned int (__cdecl*)(void * __ptr64)>
18 kernel32 !BaseThreadInitThunk

We get these error messages : Windows Error #127: [Screen #0] ChooseMatchingPixelFormat() - wglChoosePixelFormatARB extension not found, trying GDI. Reason: The specified procedure could not be found . 

Error: OpenGL version test failed, requires valid graphics context.

On other platforms or with the main screen on, we get no error.

Thanks for your help.


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