[osg-users] Choosing a game engine for an open Roblox/Kodu/Lego Worlds/LittleBigPlanet-like app

Alistair Baxter alistair at mve.com
Thu Apr 27 01:31:55 PDT 2017

"So my question is, can OSG easily support the bullet points above?"

No, I'm afraid it can't.

OpenScenegraph isn't a game engine, it's just a set of tools for representing and rendering 3D scenes, that could be used by one, plus some import and export tools. Although it does contain  a simple UI toolkit, and quite a few plugins for interoperability with other software.

If you require doing a lot of UI for your programming language bit, and cross-platform compatibility, I'd have a look at Qt. It can be combined with OpenScenegraph, and made to run on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android (UWP is apparently in development for OSG and already available for Qt). Alternatively they have a scenegraph of their own.

However, either of these plans will still require you to write the engine parts of the game engine underneath them, or find extra bits of middleware like Bullet physics, which has an existing integration with OSG.

Incidentally, unless you're planning on porting to some *incredibly* obscure or ancient systems, C++, in fact the C++ 11 standard seems to be perfectly well supported across all today's popular platforms.

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