[osg-users] Near-uniform tessellation of a concave polygon for heightmaps

Julien Valentin julienvalentin51 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 22 08:28:28 PDT 2017

I think nobody respond because there multiple path for it
Your problem can be split in two:
2)real (not screen space) displacement mapping 

-Tesselation Shader

2)Real Displacement mapping
For this step You must be sure of your level of understanding of OpenGL(and osg) because you'll have to use transformfeedback
Todo so you'll have to draw your vertices as points, displace them according your heightmap texture (in VS) and store them is a buffer for future use (in GS)
(The Transformfeedback spec says theres no garanty to indices stay the same but in practice i never saw mess in GS ouput sequence)


Kanpachi wrote:
> I am given the contour/boundary of a concave polygon which cannot have holes, and I need to apply a heightmap to it. To this end, I need to perform a near-uniform tessellation of the polygon to generate a mesh.
> A picture would be worth a thousand words here, but alas, I don't have 2 posts yet. :P
> How can I perform this tessellation? Ideally, the solution could parameterize the 'resolution' of the vertices to adjust the detail of the mesh.
> If this is somehow possible using OSG's built-in tessellation library that would be ideal, but I'm open to introducing an additional (hopefully lightweight) dependency if necessary.
> Thanks!

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