[osg-users] osgviewer can't parse .3ds format correctly

Sebastian Messerschmidt sebastian.messerschmidt at gmx.de
Mon Jul 25 13:03:36 PDT 2016

Hi %&$&%

Could you please state a name which we can use to address you with?

The link you provided, doesn't work for me. But as a general note: Most 
of the time, the 3ds plugin will produce anything, but what you would 
expect. Usually not only textures but complete geometries are missing or 
normals are screwed (which you obviously discovered yourself). Use a 
debugger to see what is going on and fix it if you absolutely must use 
3DS. FBX might be a format better suited for your needs, when you have 
an AutoDesk tool-chain at your end, but generally I tend to use Blender 
(with the appropriate OSG plugins) or Remo3D (Remograph.com) to import 
models into OSG.

Maybe supplying the files (original and converted) via an accessible 
channel will improve the number of answers.



> Hi,
>  I download a nonosuit model, when i load this model useing aasimp and 
> render it with opengl, it's correct(the program model_diffuse), and 
> all texture are loaded, but if i render model with osgviewer(osgviewer 
> nanosuit2.3ds), some texture are lost, I think the 3DS plugin of osg 
> is not compatibility with this nanosuit model, you can download model 
> with this link:
>     https://pan.baidu.com/s/1gf4psYn
>     The file nanosuit2-3ds.osg is converted by osgconv nanosuit2.3ds 
> nanosuit2-3ds.osg, and I delete some property: rendering_hint, 
> renderBinMode, binNumber, binName, GL_CULL_FACE, GL_BLEND_ON, after 
> this ,some textures are still not loaded correctly, such as right leg 
> and right body.
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