[osg-users] osgviewer can't parse .3ds format correctly

李真能 lizhenneng at kylinos.cn
Mon Jul 25 01:09:43 PDT 2016

 I download a nonosuit model, when i load this model useing aasimp and render it with opengl, it's correct(the program model_diffuse), and all texture are loaded, but if i render model with osgviewer(osgviewer nanosuit2.3ds), some texture are lost, I think the 3DS plugin of osg is not compatibility with this nanosuit model, you can download model with this link:
    The file nanosuit2-3ds.osg is converted by osgconv nanosuit2.3ds nanosuit2-3ds.osg, and I delete some property: rendering_hint, renderBinMode, binNumber, binName, GL_CULL_FACE, GL_BLEND_ON, after this ,some textures are still not loaded correctly, such as right leg and right body.
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