[osg-users] screen autocapture example drop frame rate

Peiman Shakeri peimansh2014 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 21:36:32 PST 2016

SMesserschmidt wrote:
> I wouldn't recommend using screencapturing for "video-recording".
> Depending on the implementation you've chosen, the file format you are
> saving to and the computer configuration this might simply be to slow.
> For recording the screen use something like FRAPS or NVidia's built-in
> recording.
> You are not giving enough details to get more help on this.
> Okay, what file format are you writing to? You might improve the 
> framerate by choosing a format which doesn't imply heavy encoding.
> I guess simply writing to a series of image files is not the way to go 
> if the above doesn't help.
> Instead you could handover the image to ffmpeg or some other video 
> library to let it handle the streaming into a video file.
> Maybe someone else has some experience with this.
> Cheers
> Sebastian

the image format is bmp and I use opencv to make movie 
without any image saving still frame rate is down
beside my thread model is just work on percontext


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