[osg-users] Open Scene Graph 3.4.0 has bug when using two monitor setup

Bruce Clay bclay1297 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 18 11:45:35 PST 2016

  For a basic test I ran osgViewer cessnafire.org.  The results I get on my home machine are different from those of my work machine but it does crash on both systems.  In both cases through it seems to be a threading issue.  At home the stack traces looks like

>	osg130-osgd.dll!osg::ref_ptr<osg::Operation>::ref_ptr<osg::Operation>(const osg::ref_ptr<osg::Operation> & rp) Line 32	C++
 	osg130-osgd.dll!osg::OperationQueue::getNextOperation(bool blockIfEmpty) Line 89	C++
 	osg130-osgd.dll!osg::OperationThread::run() Line 418	C++
 	osg130-osgd.dll!osg::GraphicsThread::run() Line 41	C++
 	ot20-OpenThreadsd.dll!OpenThreads::ThreadPrivateActions::StartThread(void * data) Line 113	C++
 	[External Code]	
 	[Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for msvcr120d.dll]	

whereas at work it is always crash at the osg::Group traverse.  I will send a stack trace from there tomorrow.  At home I am running on Windows 7 Professional with an AMD Phenom II 6X 1090T and I have two Nvidia 550 graphics cards.  The work system is an 8 core Dell laptop running Windows 7.  but if I force it to single threaded it does not crash even will all of the monitors on.

I have also tried various other work systems some with Windows 7 and others windows 10 but I did not have a compiler that I could use for debugging on those systems so I don't know for sure where it crashed just that it did if I do not use SingleThreaded


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