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On Thu, May 21, 2015 at 2:20 AM, Björn Blissing <bjorn.blissing at vti.se>

> Hi again,
> I have finally been able to solve the last piece of the puzzle. This means
> that for Oculus SDK v0.5.0.1 the examples can do both client- and SDK based
> distortion rendering.
> The v0.5.0.1 version of the Oculus SDK is also the last version with
> support for Linux and Mac, due to the fact that Oculus has halted (the
> official wording is "paused") development of the SDK for all platforms but
> Windows. This version is also the last version with client distortion
> rendering support.
> Now I focus my efforts on getting support for the latest SDK version
> v0.6.0.0. This version contains some major changes which will require some
> major refactoring on my part as well as some new features that will have to
> be integrated (i.e. the new layers concept).

Could you branch/tag the new Windows-only code into a separate branch,
please? It would make life easier for the folks like me who have the older
DK1/DK2 HMDs and need it to work on Linux/Mac for example.

It is really unfortunate that Oculus is making the integration of their
stuff harder and more complicated with every SDK revision instead of the
opposite :( I am seriously starting to look at the alternatives now, the
Oculus kit is becoming way too much pain to deal with and for little

I also wonder how is the OpenHMD (http://openhmd.net/) effort doing - the
last I have looked they had DK1 support, now they seem to have DK2 as well,
but no positional tracking support. However, there seems to be some
impressive independent work being done on that here:

There is also OSVR which includes HMD support, but I believe they have only
plugins using the official SDK (?)

So in the end, it might be possible to have a fully independent, open and
*sane* SDK even for Oculus.

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