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Björn Blissing bjorn.blissing at vti.se
Thu May 21 06:55:55 PDT 2015

Jan Ciger wrote:
> Could you branch/tag the new Windows-only code into a separate branch, please? It would make life easier for the folks like me who have the older DK1/DK2 HMDs and need it to work on Linux/Mac for example. 

The head of the master branch is currently supporting the v0.5.0.1 of Oculus SDK. The work with v0.6.0.0 is currently located in a separate branch. I have not decided yet on how to proceed with the branches. I usually tag the last working commit of an SDK version before pushing commits belonging to a new SDK version. But since Linux and Mac will be abandoned, it may be a demand for a separate branch for the continuous development based on SDK v0.5.0.1. 

I will keep the idea in mind...

Jan Ciger wrote:
> It is really unfortunate that Oculus is making the integration of their stuff harder and more complicated with every SDK revision instead of the opposite :( I am seriously starting to look at the alternatives now, the Oculus kit is becoming way too much pain to deal with and for little benefit. 

Well, I guess they believe that reducing the number of accessible parts of the SDK makes the product easier to integrate. BUT as they keep closing the SDK they also reduces the ways people can use the product. They seem 100% focused on (windows) games (which maybe the smart business decision), but they leave out the people how like to hack stuff and create solutions which no one at Oculus Inc. imagined. 

Hopefully the competition will benefit the HMD manufacturer which is most open, but I guess that the winner will be the one who can provide "the killer application" (or in this case; "the killer game").

Best regards

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