[osg-users] Testing osgUI library

Rocio Tortajada rocio.tortajada at mirage-tech.com
Wed Dec 23 04:12:02 PST 2015


I've tried the osgUI library. I loaded the TabWidget.lua from the osg-data
into the scene and when I clicked on the tabs it worked as expected

The problem arises when I added the TabWidget in the HUD camera, as far as
we tested the intersections to the widget seems not to be working. Is the
osgUI library supporting HUD cameras?  Are we missing something?

Find attached an example with my test code, on the left of the scene there
is a 3D TabWidget and on the right there is a TabWidget inside the HUD
camera. The test is very simple, but  if you find it interesting it can be
added to the OSG examples.

Thank you!

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