[osg-users] Enable, Disable Multible Shaders

Brian Perry perry.brian at gmail.com
Fri Dec 25 11:28:18 PST 2015


I having a similar problem with stateset.  I have a program where all the geometry has a shader attached at the point of loading.  There is one object in this entire database of objects that have shaders attached to it somewhere and is causing this object to cast a shadow based on a singular shader based light source.  I tried to solve this problem by disabling the PROGRAM state attribute but disabling doesn't seem to prevent it from casting a shadow.  I don't understand though.  I can get the node for these objects and derive the state sets from those nodes but I can't seem to disable the object from casting a shadow.  Someone told me that there are attributes on textures and geometry that allow you to make it so that texture or geometry doesn't cast a shadow.

Thank you!

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