[osg-users] How to use osgVolume::applyTransferFunction?

Alex Taylor alextaylor at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 11:35:53 PST 2015

I'm still trying to get my head around using osgVolume. I'm trying to read
in uint8 intensity data normalized to the range [0 255] and then apply a
transfer function to my data to map it to color and opacity.

First, I start with the following function to construct my osg::Image
object. I specify GL_LUMINANCE when using setImage to construct my image,
and I provide a uint8_T * pointer to an existing memory allocation.

*    osg::Image* createTexture3D(const mxArray* src, const uint8_T*
xfer_table) {*

*        if (src == NULL || mxGetNumberOfDimensions(src) != 3 ||
mxGetClassID(src) != mxUINT8_CLASS) {*
*            return NULL;*
*        }*

*        size_t num_s = mxGetDimensions(src)[0];*
*        size_t num_t = mxGetDimensions(src)[1];*
*        size_t num_r = mxGetDimensions(src)[2];*

*        // now allocate the 3d texture;*
*        osg::ref_ptr<osg::Image> image_3d = new osg::Image;*

*        image_3d->setImage(num_s, num_t, num_r, *
*                static_cast<uint8_T *>(mxGetData(src)),*
*                osg::Image::NO_DELETE);*

*        return image_3d.release();*
*    }*

If I pass this data into a layer in osgVolume and use
FixedFunctionTechnique, I see a grayscale visualization in which it appears
both the gray level and opacity are determine by the scalar intensity
value. Good so far.

Next, I attempt to specify a given transfer function. My transfer function
is float in the range [0 1], and I'm sure that the values in my transfer
function are correct, I've looked.

I attempt to use osgVolume::applyTransferFunction to apply a transfer
function to my existing osg::Image to obtain a new osg::Image that RGBA.
When I do this, nothing renders, blank screen. What am I doing wrong?

 *           osg::TransferFunction1D::ColorMap colorMap;*
*            for (size_t r = 0; r < 256; ++r){*
*                size_t rowOffset = r*4;*
*                float red =
*                float green =
*                float blue =
*                float alpha =

*                std::cout << "red: " << red << "green: " << green <<
"blue: " << blue << "alpha: " << alpha << std::endl;*

*                colorMap[r] = osg::Vec4(red,green,blue,alpha);*
*            }*
*            osg::ref_ptr<osg::TransferFunction1D> transferFunction = new
*            transferFunction->assign(colorMap);*

*            osg::ref_ptr<osgVolume::VolumeTile> tile = new
*            volume->addChild(tile.get());*

*            osg::ref_ptr<osg::Image> image_3d =

*            osg::ref_ptr<osg::Image> image_3d_mapped =

Looking at the shipping example: osgvolume.cpp, I'm using the
applyTransferFunction the same way, and it appears that the expected
normalization for entries in the LUT is [0,1.0] float, which I'm doing. I'm
clearly doing something wrong with applyTransferFunction, because when I
remove the use of applyTransferFunction and pass image_3d into the Layer
instead of image_3d_mapped, I do get a "correctly" rendered grayscale with
the opacity determined by the scalar intensity.

Is there anything that jumps out at anyone? I can provide a more complete
code listing if that would help, I thought it best to try to make the code
as stripped down as possible.


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