[osg-users] Qt5 integration

Alistair Baxter alistair at mve.com
Mon Aug 17 01:48:21 PDT 2015

As you are no doubt aware, James, we've been looking into this sort of integration ourselves. QQuick 2 integration is part of our goal, although we hadn't been planning direct interaction between QML and out osg scenes, since we have a separate data model. Although if such a thing existed, and were sufficiently convenient to use, then we might be interested in integrating it in a similar way to how we use the existing 3D osg manipulators. We've never really been interested in QWidgetImage, we only ever used it to try and get round a window composition issue on OSX.

Our main concern at the moment is that we need a multi-window viewer. Due to the way Qt 5 has a separate opengl render thread per Window, this has meant reimplementing a significant chunk of OSGCompositeViewer in order to get it to work at all, and we are discovering a variety of thread-synchronisation issues.

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