[osg-users] Please mirro187, work on your communication

Daniel Trstenjak daniel.trstenjak at gmail.com
Tue Mar 16 02:20:21 PDT 2021

Do you not wonder yourself, why hardy anyone answers to you?

If you put a bit more work into your messages, then this might change
quite a bit, because currently they're hard to understand at all.

Most of the time you don't add any context to your problem, e.g. what
you're trying to achieve from a high level point of view.

Also how you write your messages isn't really reader friendly. Don't
put your whole question into the subject line and only code into the
message itself. Put only a very short summary into the subject line
and then interleave the code example with explaining the problem you have
with it. Also saying what you would have expected might help.

You can't expect others to put work into solving your problems if you
put almost no effort into it explaining them.


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