[osg-users] void State::frameCompleted()

david.h...@gmail.com david.heitbrink at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 08:12:30 PST 2021

>From running NVidia Nsight, I traced down periodic stalls to the  
glGetInteger64v on frameCompleted(). This was especially true if I had 
multiple OSG windows running at the same time. This is on Windows. 
Basically its in the code:  


void State::frameCompleted() 
if (getTimestampBits()) 
     GLint64 timestamp; 
     *_glExtensions->glGetInteger64v(GL_TIMESTAMP, &timestamp);* 
     setGpuTimestamp(osg::Timer::instance()->tick(), timestamp); 
     //OSG_NOTICE<<"State::frameCompleted() setting time stamp. 
} } 

2 questions, if I am not currently collecting stats, are there any known 
side effects for disabling the stat collection? Second what would be the 
preferable way of disabling the stat collection. getTimestampBits(), 
basically checks if the system supports 64 bit time stamp.  I added a 
static public variable to State to disable the time stamp collection just 
to make a deadline, this is obviously not an ideal way of doing this. It 
did however take care of my periodic hangs, and let me make my deadline.   

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