[osg-users] render quad texture to arbitrary quadrilateral

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Tue Oct 27 15:58:06 PDT 2020


im trying to render a texture to an quadrilateral. The  quadrilateral is 
the calculated by the intersection view frustum with aplane. So the image 
basically a perspective projection of the original image. 

Unfortunately the texture coordinates are not interpolated correctly such 
that the triangles look wrong.

I know that is is a very basic computer graphics problem. But i have some 
trouble solving it. 
Does anyone have solved this problem already for arbitrary quadrilaterals? 
My guess would be using fragment shaders, but im not experienced in with 
GLSL. Another option is transforming the texture using a homography and 
then rendering a quad, but it feels like this the brute force solution.

Id be very thankful if somebody could help me. Ideally of somebody knows 
where this problem has been solved already with openscenegraph.

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