[osg-users] How can we have a single VRAM footprint over multiple contexts/windows/views/camera in a multi-thread safe way?

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Tue Oct 13 13:36:08 PDT 2020

Hi Robert, thanks for the answer!


On Wednesday, September 30, 2020 at 12:19:14 p.m. UTC-4 OpenSceneGraph 
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> Hi Vaillancourt,
> The OSG does not provide thread safe sharing of contexts, and OpenGL 
> itself doesn't provide it either, so even if we attempted to mutex lock all 
> access to GL objects that multi-threaded nature of graphics would step 
> around locks we attempted to add.  If you want to share contexts then 
> you'll need to use single threading.
> With the VSG Vulkan objects are per logical device so you can share 
> objects on the same hardware in a more user controlled way, one still has 
> to take care because the objects aren't generally safe to read/write to one 
> has to use explicit synchronization when managing objects to avoid 
> threading collisions.  The VSG and Vulkan have waaay lower CPU overhead so 
> multi-threading is actually far less critical for performance, 
> paradoxically as Vulkan is so much better at handling threading!
> Robert.

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