[osg-users] CompositeViewer and GUIEventAdapter returning the wrong GraphicsContext?

OpenSceneGraph Users osg-users at lists.openscenegraph.org
Sat Oct 3 06:32:35 PDT 2020

I'm seeing a problem when using CompositeViewer where an event handler
is being called with osgGA::GUIEventAdapter::RESIZE but
sometimes (maybe 25% of the time)
osgGA::GUIEventAdapter::getGraphicsContext() seems to return the wrong

This is with Flightgear, which i've recently modified to use

A similar thing happens when closing windows - sometimes Flightgear is
being told that the main window has been closed, when actually it's
only a secondary window. Or that the wrong secondary window has been

And there's another possibly related problem where calling
GraphicsContext::valid() returns false when a different window has been
recently closed.

The problem occurs with openscenegraph-3.4.1 on OpenBSD and
openscenegraph-3.4 on Linux. Both systems are running fvwm.

Does anyone have any idea what could be going on, or suggestions for how
to investigate things further?


- Jules


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