[osg-users] How to Implement Landing Light... Give me Hint!

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here is an alternative of flightgear http://openig.compro.net/ ... The code
uses F+ lighting in shaders and the code is available

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> I tried to implement it by referring to FlightGear's
> Secondary_lights.frag, but it is an application problem and the desired
> effect does not come out.
> Could you please tell me a bit if you implemented the effect using Shader?
> Thank you.
> 2020년 11월 11일 수요일 오후 5시 53분 34초 UTC+9에 OpenSceneGraph Users님이 작성:
>> Have a look at the osglightpoint example that illustrates how to use the
>> osgSim::LightPointNode.
>> These days though, I'd use shaders....
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